The Importance Of Having Your Hurricane Shutters Serviced

Hurricane shutters are must-have items for property owners in Florida and along the east coast. We all want to protect our properties and families as best we can if storms hit. These hurricane shutters provide a great barrier against the heavy rain and high winds for a little extra security. In some cases, homeowners may forget that these hurricane shutters are in place until the time comes to use them. The problem here is that a forgotten, under-maintained hurricane shutter may not be that helpful in an emergency. That is why a regular hurricane shutters service is so important.

Don’t put your property and family at risk.

It isn’t enough to simply install these hurricane shutters as a precaution. Obviously, no homeowner hopes to have to use them and test out their worth in a big storm. But, you need to know that the hurricane shutters are dependable if a bad weather system comes your way. The worst case scenario is that you can’t use the hurricane shutters in an emergency. You may not realize the extent of the damage they have incurred over the years until it is too late. Even hurricane shutters with minor damage are a problem as they may be difficult to open or close, or perhaps less secure.

There are a number of elements that can go wrong with a hurricane shutter.

Our hurricane shutter maintenance team has experience with different issues. The wheels on the hurricane shutters or sliding doors are a common problem, as they can rust up or fail to run smoothly. This means that homeowners have to forcibly drag them into place. We can clean, lubricate or replace these wheels. The same is true for any lock that doesn’t work properly. Then there are issues with the motors on mechanical hurricane shutters.

The reason for this is often down to the weather and the age of the product. Just because your area has been free from hurricanes for a couple of years, that doesn’t mean that the weather has been perfect. Storms and heavy rain can cause damage and rust on some of these important mechanisms. Waterfront properties can also suffer the effects of corrosion from the salt water and sea air.

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This risk of damage is one of the reasons why it is important to carry out regular hurricane shutters maintenance.

Ideally, you want to make sure that you have your hurricane shutters serviced at least twice a year. These regular inspections can help you keep track of issues before they become major problems. Small issues with the wheels can be dealt with easily enough. We can add a little lubricant, replace a couple of wheels and ensure that the track rolls smoothly. If the wheels become corroded over a long period of time, it is more difficult to make these efficient repairs. Leave things for too long and you may need a costly replacement, rather than a repair.

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Regular hurricane shutter servicing is much more cost effective in the long run.

Replacement wheels and locks are much cheaper than replacing the whole hurricane shutter. Small, regular fees are manageable. Last minute replacements are costly, especially when you may not have the luxury of choice. You also don’t want to budget for such a big expense just before a hurricane, which can help other financial implications. Our team can offer a free estimate, inspect the hurricane shutters and provide repairs and treatments as is necessary. This effective hurricane service should mean that your hurricane shutters run smoothly and are completely secure if a hurricane does come. If you sign up for these regular checks from our professional hurricane shutter repair team, you can enjoy a fair rate. There are also some group discounts available for homeowner associations.

Don’t put your home at risk when maintaining hurricane shutters is so simple.

This reliable schedule of maintenance is important for anyone with hurricane shutters in a coastal region. It is the most cost-effective way to find peace of mind over the security of these defenses. Yet, the need for these hurricane services is increasing as we deal with changing weather patterns. Florida and the east coast now experience hurricanes and storms with greater frequency and severity. Keep up with this hurricane service schedule, watch out for faults and keep your property safe.

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